Picum MT and ALPHA LASER work closely together and fulfil now a demand that existed for a long time: A mobile machining solution combining additive manufacturing (i.e. by laser welding) and milling process steps. This way, customers repair or modify large components entirely without transporting them. Mobile milling and welding therefore enable complete machining on-site.

Fast repair and modification of tools, moulds and other components offer considerable customer benefits: The process chain can be considerably shortened directly on site by laser welding with ALPHA LASER machines, since complex transports of the workpieces are no longer necessary.

Generally the workpieces have to be reworked after welding; this is usually done by high-precision milling machines. Therefore, the workpieces must be transported to the corresponding machine. Before the actual machining can take place, a machining strategy is planned and programmed with great effort by specialists.

This is where the mobile milling machine from Picum MT comes into play: It weighs only approx. 150 kg and is simply attached to or next to the component and automatically performs the machining tasks. After the initial alignment of the system above the machining point, it determines the position and orientation to the component and generates the required machining code automatically.

Using 5-axis simultaneous machining, complex free-form surfaces in virtually all materials can be processed on site while maintaining the accuracy comparable to stationary milling machines. Integrated measuring devices also enable quality assurance of the finished geometry in the same setup.
At EMO 2019 in Hannover, Picum MT will present their mobile machine and ALPHA LASER the laser system ALFlak 900 F for repair welding with wire or powder.

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