Mobile precision machining

Picum MT develops and implements mobile and highly flexible precision systems for technically demanding machining and other manufacturing processes. The system is directly attached to the component. This enables considerably leaner process chains, as e.g. the transport of the components is no longer necessary which drastically decreases processing times and costs.

On-site machining

“Machine to the workpiece” instead of “Workpiece to the machine” is the motto of Picum MT GmbH. We offer high-precision machining of large components or complex processing tasks with our mobile and flexible systems on-site. The concept of on-site machining has the potential to replace the use of conventional large machine tools and lengthy transports. This way, we accomplish a previously unfulfilled customer need in industrial production: The accuracy of a machine tool combined with the flexibility of a robot and the mobility of a drilling machine. The customer benefits from significantly lower process costs and drastically reduced lead times.

Flexibility, mobility and precision for highly complex machining processes


Our systems are equipped with a rapid-change interface for technology modules as well as actuating and sensory elements. This enables customers to adapt our technology to their individual needs and to realize demanding manufacturing and digitizing processes as well as quality assurance in just one setup.


Mobile simultaneous 5-axis machining for all common materials – even hardened metal. The optimized machine structure and process parameters ensure high-quality result.

Additive Manufacturing

Processing heads for build-up welding with the common gas metal arc welding processes (GMAW, WAAM) as well as other laser welding processes using wire or powder.


Picum meets the highest accuracy requirements with powerful algorithms and compensation methods. We use innovative online methods in addition to standard offline compensations to handle the complex process conditions.


The compact design of Picum systems makes the transport to the place of use easy. Starting at 150kg of weight, the base components fit on two Euro pallets and most additional equipment can be carried on two or three extra pallets in total resulting in simple handling and very low space requirements.

“Machine to component instead of component to machine.
The Picum technology combines mobility, flexibility and highest precision for on-site machining”
Dr.-Ing. Dominik Brouwer, Founder and CEO

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Fields of application & Technologies

  • Milling

  • Additive Manufacturing / Cladding / Build-up welding

  • Hardening / Grinding / Peening

  • Digitization / Quality Assurance

  • Geometry adjustments

  • Adjustments during try-out of moulds

  • Repair / Maintenance

  • Surface texturing and structuring

News & Announcements

Application report no. 5: Geometry modification for a truck roof assembly


Starting situation: To optimize the forming results in a press tool for the production of roof sheets for trucks, a geometry modification in the OP50 was necessary. The modification was initially carried out manually in the course of the tryout, by applying the modification with self-hardening plasticine and modeling and optimizing it by experts in the tryout press during test pressings. For series production with the mold, this temporary modification now had to be replaced by wear-resistant material. Procedure: In the first step, the area of the modification was digitized. This was followed by CAM planning of the [...]

Application report no. 4: Rebuilding a geometry using additive manufacturing


Starting situation: Sheet metal parts for the automotive industry are subject to various optimization processes in relation to subsequent production and assembly steps, especially in the case of a new series. Furthermore, changes due to design adaptations or for material savings in the production process can be useful. In order to implement the desired change on a series sheet metal part, the tools used for production, which weigh several tons, must be adapted accordingly. Procedure: In this application, the optimization of the trim contour of a sheet metal part required the tool to be adapted in several areas in [...]

Application report no. 3: Adaptation of a spare part based on a tried-out die insert


Once again, the team was able to demonstrate the advantages of Picum with one of our mobile machining systems in a new application at LÄPPLE Automotive. Operational wear and tear are unavoidable, because the dies used in sheet metal forming are exposed to enormous stress. As a result, repairs may be necessary, some of which can be done manually or with the support of a Picum system. Replacing individual segments or inserts is another option if the design of the die allows it. This is especially of interest if a major repair is [...]

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