Klemens Schmiederer (Management of LÄPPLE Group, 5th from right), Dr. Dominik Brouwer (CEO Picum MT, 3rd from right) together witch employees of LÄPPLE and Picum MT

The quick mobile repair and modification of dies for cutting and forming brings considerable customer benefits i.e. in the industrial production of sheet metal parts in the automotive industry. Picum MT GmbH has gained an experienced sheet metal specialist as a partner with its mobile machine Picum-X200: The LÄPPLE Group invests in Picum’s technology.

The very compact and lightweight Picum-X200 is based on classic serial 5-axes kinematics. The machine is mounted on or next to the workpiece and positioned above the machining point. It automatically recognizes the relative position and orientation by digitizing the surface using laser scanning and adapts machining jobs to the current situation. The mobile machine can then start processing.

The machine is attached with the aid of an adaptive fixation system. This achieves high rigidity at low weight. Through innovative compensation methods, Picum achieves an accuracy that meets the high demands of toolmaking and is in the range of a few hundredths of a millimetre.

In the final stage, the new Picum system will carry out welding and machining work as well as local heat treatment. Additionally, it digitizes the surface and returns the data to CAD system layers. In the course of the cooperation, Klemens Schmiederer, CEO of the LÄPPLE Group, visited Picum MT in Garbsen in August 2019 to discuss the future project with Managing Director Dr. Brouwer and his team. Mr. Schmiederer is convinced of the Picum technology: “I see future potential here and look forward to working together on this project”.

We are excited to cooperate with internationally established experts from the LÄPPLE Group as well!

Further information about LÄPPLE AG can be found at https://www.laepple.de/en/